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Welcome to RTFL – Right to a Fulfilling Life

Welcome to RTFL – Right to a Fulfilling Life. We are a warm-hearted assistance company helping our customers to exercise their rights to a fulfilling life, regardless of physical, psychological or speech condition. We have extensive experience in health and social care based on a genuine interest in administering your personal assistance in a way that improves your quality of life and offers you new opportunities to realise your ambitions.

Personal Assistance

In Sweden, personal assistance is a statutory right entitling all citizens to live a fulfilling life, regardless of one’s own level of functional ability. Exercising such a right is not always so simple, especially for those who do not master the language or those not familiar with the bureaucracy. Even having a strong command of the Swedish language in day-to-day situations, many find the bureaucratic language and culture of the official agencies difficult to understand.

Ever since its inception in 2001, RTFL has helped many families exercise their rights. Each case is unique, and we believe that the customers know best how they can lead fulfilling lives. RTFL has a broad service ambition and is not limited merely to law, interpretation and administration. We also help out with any particular problems, big and small, which keep our customers from leading a full life. It is about rehabilitation, schooling, residence and work. Our efforts have changed the lives of many of our customers.

RTFL currently has some 80 customers. Our relationship with our customers is based on confidence, respect and service. Our firm belief in the equal worth of all people is what drives us to work for your right to a fulfilling life. If you are interested in extending us your confidence, you are welcome to get in touch with any of us working at RTFL. If you put your trust in RTFL, we will give you a great amount of control over your assistance. Our customers are always in focus. You determine who will be your assistant and how your assistance benefits are to be used. You also have access to new resources with regard to rehabilitation, exercise and training.

Just a few of the services we offer:

  • No-cost legal consultation

  • Applications and appeals concerning assistance subsidies

  • Administration of staff and finances

  • Support in contacting official agencies and care institutions

  • Performance appraisals and training

  • Share in our resources for patient care, schooling and rehabilitation

Assisted Living

The transition from independence to needing support and help with day-to-day routines can often be difficult for the elderly, especially if Swedish is not your mother tongue. Getting the right kind of help from people you like and trust is crucial to maintaining your quality of life. Understanding your culture and your language, as well as respecting your boundaries, are all part of providing quality elderly care. We take the whole picture into account and plan your care in consultation with you and your relatives. We feel it is important for the staff to be given the time required to help you and not stress between several clients. Continuity and security are equally important.

Our work is always centred around your needs. RTFL is a small company that is close to the customer and which never compromises on quality. You always take part in the recruitment of the person who will help you at home. Perhaps you have someone particular in mind and would like to suggest to us someone you like and in whom you have confidence. If so, we will do a formal check and interview the person in question. If we find the comprehensiveness we are looking for, then we will employ just that very person to help you. At the same time, we are very experienced in recruiting and have a wide range of contacts for potential candidates, whom we can place according to your personal wishes. Flexibility and respect are the guiding principles of our work in assisted living.

If you are interested in letting us help you or a relative with assisted living, please feel free to contact us at RTFL.

Companion Service

If you need help in taking a walk, visiting friends or in travelling on a holiday, the companion service is an alternative that works well. This is also available when you want to take part in various leisure activities. The companion service is a personal service that is always tailored to suit your needs. The purpose is for you to get a better quality of life through new experiences.

In order to be entitled to companion service according to the Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (SFS 1993:387), you must be suffering from a comprehensive and permanent physical or psychological functional impairment, which makes it difficult for you to manage in your day-to-day living.
The municipality is responsible for providing you with the support that your functional impairment requires. Submit your application for companion service to social services or to the city district administration in your municipality. An assessor will pay you a visit in order to determine the support you need. If you would like help in writing up your application, RTFL can help with that too.

RTFL currently has a large number of companion assignments. We know that having a companion for various activities will improve the quality of life for the sight-impaired or those with disabilities. You may also get such help if you suffer from a developmental handicap requiring you to get assistance in taking part in the activities you would like to do in a safe manner.